Daughters, Risk and Rewards

Jessica is an adult.  Many years of work, study and life under her belt.  But as every parent knows, worry knows no age limits.  And God forbid if you add to the risk.  But if we are really engaged with our kids we do add to the risk.  The screeching tires meant only one thing. The driver saw us too late.  I steered us off the road to the gravel berm going way too fast but somehow we did not fall.  The driver did not even stop to check on us.  Scary.  Later in the morning we panted our way up a paved, steep, long, narrow hill in a pounding rain.  The equally steep downside was all loose gravel – and mud.  Yikes!  Wild ride down. But still upright.   Soon after I was checking gears to see if everything was still working and a huge black dog came bounding out of a drive certain to topple us – and our getaway was frantically accomplished in the lowest chain ring.  Stupid.  This ride is a risk.

We rode further in the rain just to stop at a dead end.  A closed gate.


The entrance to a huge quarry.  We stood under a short awning to the guard house.  No one around.  Waiting for the rain to let up.  Longer than either of us wanted to be there.  Yes, this ride is a risk. But then the B &B in Perryville called.  A cancellation.  No sterile motel tonight.  Welcome to downtown Perryville, MO and – we soon discovered  – the 30th Annual Mayfest!


Popcorn on the midway.  Great visit with three generations of a local family thrilled to be back at Mayfest.  Delicious pork steak sandwich with a corn dog chaser.  Cheese fries and good beer.  Yes, there are rewards.  The tandem brought us here.  The slow pace held us here.  And it is good to be here.  On the porch.  The band still playing.  The police relaxed and milling about – reuniting with old friends.  This is America too.  My daughter at my side. Ready to help me figure this all out as we talk on our ride tomorrow.  The risk is also our reward.  Time and adventure together.


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  1. Noelle Kennedy Masukawa May 10, 2015 — 3:03 am

    Noelle Al never ceases to astound, and with Jessica with him, justice will not only succeed, but it will overwhelm!


  2. Bonnie Neumeier May 12, 2015 — 1:04 am

    I love reading your stories. I am happy you are doing this together. An amazing journey for justice. You both have courage and stamina. Bonnie Neumeier


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