Watch our trip as we pedal (updated May 23):* 1360 miles 

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 12.46.55 AM


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Day 1: Cincinnati to Madison (2015-05-02)
Day 2: Madison, IN to Spring Hill State Park, IN (2015-05-03)
Day 3: Spring Mill State Park, IN to Vincennes, IN (2015-05-04)
Day 4: Vincennes, IN to Salem, IL (2015-05-05)
Day 5: Salem, IL to St. Louis, MO (2015-05-06)
Day 6: “Rest day” in Ferguson
Day 7: St. Louis, MO to Festus, MO (2015-05-08)
Day 8: Festus, MO to Perryville, MO (2015-05-09)
Day 9: Perryville, MO to Cairo, IL (2015-05-10)
Day 10: Cairo, IL to Union City, TN (2015-05-11)
Day 11: Union City, TN to Covington, TN (2015-05-12)
Day 12: Covington, TN to Memphis, TN (2015-05-13)
Day 13: Rest day in Memphis
Day 14: Memphis, TN to Helena, AR (2015-05-15)
Day 15: Helena, AR to Cleveland, MS (2015-05-16)
Day 16: Cleveland, MS to Greenville, MS (2015-05-17)
Day 17: Greenville, MS to Rolling Fork, MS (2015-05-18)
Day 18: Rolling Fork, MS to Port Gibson, MS (2015-05-19)
Day 19: Port Gibson, MS to Simmesport, LA (2015-05-20)
Day 20: Simmesport, LA to Plaquemine, LA (2015-05-21)
Day 21: Plaquemine, LA to La Place, LA (2015-05-22)
Day 22: La Place, LA to New Orleans, LA (2015-05-23)

*We are tracking our ride using an app called Strava. I have occasionally forgotten to start it or missed some mileage in there, but the map more or less shows our exact route.

Our proposed route:

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