Need a Body Transplant for the Ride

Sometimes I reflect on profound questions like I did yesterday and what we will be doing in front of SCOTUS tomorrow.  Other times I wake up wondering what in the world I have signed up to do with Jessica!  Having biked across the country and across the south and west coast previously I know full well the physical demands Jessica and I will endure with this ride.  That is scary.  I am 63.  I take a fist full of pills every night to beat back various chronic conditions.  I never lost the extra 15 pounds I said I would not drag along on this ride.   My chiropractor does not fit on the tandem.  Yikes!  I need a full body transplant.  Maybe I can post for one on Craig’s List: “Prefer twenty-something-hard-body with triathlon experience.”  Without that I will just muddle along – all possible because you are giving your support and encouragement.  Thank you.  And thanks for Jessica’s legs!


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  1. Hey Al — there is a store that has just what you need. I’ve seen them in various cities around the country. It’s called “The Body Shop.” I went into one once, I think at the Philadelphia airport, and asked if they could sell me a new body. They said that was in their product development plans. By now they’ve probably got the product ready to sell. But I am sure you and Jessica are going to be fine without spending a lot of money at the Body Shop! I am going to donate to your good “Pedaling Justice” cause right now. Go for it!


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