Fried Bologna and Gravel Roads

May 3 – Tick check is done.  Lots of bugs today.  Google maps has a cycling option so we were on peaceful, country roads.  But Google does not predict bugs or gravel.  That’s right, our steepest climb of the day and many of the roads we traveled while bucking serious headwinds were gravel.  Easy to slip and tip on gravel.  We did not fall but I am glad to be done.  Only on country roads do you find a general store like Pioneer Village.  Great stop late this morning.  You can buy everything there from canned goods to automatic weapons.  I bought a delicious fried bologna sandwich to eat later for lunch.   Jessica and I worked hard all day.  Can’t do much chit chat when we are pedaling this hard.  That’s OK – many days ahead and wonderful to be with my daughter!

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